JAHUJacksonville Association of Health Underwriters (Jacksonville, FL)
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Tender notice number : upgradation Hatwar Jahu roadID:2019_PWD_29925_1
jahu in the Cuaiba River medias de captura, de mayor magnitud en las hembras.
Reproducao induzida de jau (Zungaro jahu) Analise das caracteristicas seminais e ovocitarias.
each along with allied accessories)Replacement of Pumping machinery of LWSS Jahu Phase 1 st (Houd) in Tehsil Bhoranj, Distt.Hamiipur Document cost : INR 250 EMD value : INR 6750 Opening date : 10 Dec 2018 Period of contract : 12 month
Liha analoogiale viitavad ka karbonaadid: suuremad seened paneeritakse jahu voi riivsaiaga ning praetakse voi kupsetatakse.
Tenders are invited for Providing and laying over layer of Bituminous Concrete in km.14/500 to 16/000,17/00 to 19/00,20/00 to 22/00 and 24/00 to 26/00 in connection with Restoration of damages due to laying OFC on Una Barsar Bhota Jahu Kalkhar Road km.
Lower Amroh, in the complex of Navodya Vidyala Dungri, Near Nirkari Bhawan Jahu & near Bal Krishan Dairy Mehal in G.P.
Tenders are invited for Design/Supply of equipments/material, erection, testing and commissioning of 33 kv/S/C line on double pole structure with AAAC 7/4.26mm (100mm2) on 60% PCC 9.75 Mtr long & 40% Steel Tublar pole 10 mtr long with single continuous earth wire from 132 kV Sub-Station Jahu to 33/11 kV Sub-station Bhareri (Naltu) & terminal equipment and allied material at 33/11kV Sub-Station Bhareri (Naltu) under Electrical Division Barsar.
Tenders are invited for Construction of 33KV Line(DC)comprising surveying,design,Supply of material,erection,testing & commissioning from 132/33 KV,1x25/31.5 MVA Sub station Jahu to fed 33/11 KV Sub Station Khudia & Ladrour from 31/11 KV Sub Station Jahu under ESD,