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JAILJudicial Accountability Initiative Law (North Hollywood, California)
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But Hugh and Dennis stood with their backs against it, and kept them back, until the clamour had so far subsided that their voices could be heard, when they called to them together that to go now, in broad day, would be madness; and that if they waited until night and arranged a plan of attack, they might release, not only their own companions, but all the prisoners, and burn down the jail.
So they would struggle to hang on until he got out of jail--or would they know that he was in jail, would they be able to find out anything about him?
With some difficulty, after many turnings and new inquiries, they reached Prison Street; and the grim walls of the jail, the first object that answered to any image in Silas's memory, cheered him with the certitude, which no assurance of the town's name had hitherto given him, that he was in his native place.
"'Yes, master, and I've never been in it much.' (I had come out of Kingston Jail last on a vagrancy committal.
“Is it possible!” exclaimed Edwards, after the moment of doubt had passed; “do I see you so nigh the jail! but you are going to the rectory: I beg pardon, Miss Grant, I believe; I did not recognize you at first.”
"S'pose you go along Tulagi," Sheldon warned him, "you catch 'm strong fella whipping and you stop along jail three fella year.
Straight toward the jail the criminal held his way.
But, whosoever goes into Marshalsea Place, turning out of Angel Court, leading to Bermondsey, will find his feet on the very paving-stones of the extinct Marshalsea jail; will see its narrow yard to the right and to the left, very little altered if at all, except that the walls were lowered when the place got free; will look upon rooms in which the debtors lived; and will stand among the crowding ghosts of many miserable years.
This may be to judge my neighbors harshly; for I believe that many of them are not aware that they have such an institution as the jail in their village.
'Detained at the police jail, the negro wench, Myra.
After all, what difference did it make to a man of spacious tastes whether he languished for the rest of his life in a jail or on a farm in the country?
What was she to do?--leave him in jail, go away, and start life afresh?