JAIPPJabatan Agama Islam Pulau Pinang (Malaysian: Penang Islamic Religious Department)
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Chong said Penang has agreed to increase the minimum age for marriage from 16 to 18 and directed the Penang Islamic Religious Department (JAIPP) to submit a report before the decision is finalised.
Building Approximate area Floor-ceiling Volume height JAIPP 38.1 [m.sup.2] 4.6 m 175.3 [m.sup.3] Bomba 129.9 [m.sup.2] 4.2 m 545.6 [m.sup.3] Town Hall 75 [m.sup.2] 5.4 m 405 [m.sup.3] GTWHI 9.5 [m.sup.2] 4.2 m 39.9 [m.sup.3] Building Average exterior Total window wall thickness surface JAIPP 152 mm -- Bomba 375 mm 26.6 [m.sup.2] Town Hall 252 mm 24.8 [m.sup.2] GTWHI 300 mm 1.8 [m.sup.2] Building Ventilation Exterior colour JAIPP Closed.