JAIRAJapan Association of Ion Research and Application
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He makes a living as a fisherman in Pagbilao, Quezon province, where he and partner, Ruby, are raising Jaira, who is now 10 years old.
He said that fishermen, who are unable to get a better payoff for their catch, were expecting at least Rs 1,350 per kg for the Jaira shrimp, but buyers are reluctant to give a better price for the fresh catch.
At Azzan Bin Qais International School (ABQ), Jaira Walker and Bailey Palmer, two of the students, are greeted by their classmates as they walk through the halls.
As Jaira Placide, editor at Jump At the Sun (an African-American children's imprint at Hyperion Books) explains, "When the multicultural children's genre was first created, multicultural meant everything that wasn't part of the Euro-centric white mainstream.
I was happy that the first WLB title, in the spring of 2002, was a first novel, Fresh Girl by Jaira Placide.
by Jaira Placide Wendy Lamb Books, March 2002 $15.95, ISBN 0-385-32753-6
In local trade circle they are termed as "Jaira", "Kalri" and "Kiddi" respectively.
For example, PO1 Anthony Jaira Nepomuceno of the Manila Police District (MPD) shot and wounded Mark Anthony Agito, a pedicab driver, over a petty misunderstanding last month.
Jaira Brooks put the exclamation point on Sheldon's victory with the final goal in 53rd minute for the Irish.