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JAISTJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
JAISTJapan Association of International Security and Trade
JAISTJapan Advanced Institute for Software Technology
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Previous Cray supercomputers at JAIST have included the Cray T3E, Cray XT3, and Cray XC30 systems.
JAIST is committed to conducting world-class research activities that leverage the abilities of our highly-skilled faculty members and students, our advanced research facilities, and cutting-edge technologies, and Cray supercomputers continue to play a vital role in our efforts, said Yasushi Inoguchi, Professor of the Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure, JAIST.
JAIST is strengthening their IT environment to help further advance its world-class research.
In order to deliver necessary data for the users' research activities quickly and with high reliability, JAIST replaced two previous systems with Dell Compellent, providing a combination of both high performance and high capacity to manage a large volume of data in one solution.
The increasing complexity of challenges that organizations such as JAIST are working to solve is the reason why we remain committed to developing and providing solutions that serve both industry and education," said Ryutaro Ishimoto, president of SGI Japan.
The JAIST system parallel computer with a cache-coherent shared memory architecture comprises of 96 processor memory blades, each configured with two Intel[R] Xeon[R] E7 series processors (16-cores) and 128GB of memory, using a NUMAlink[R] 5 (15GB/second) interconnect.
Digital watermark detection by software alone is too slow and power hungry, and it cannot catch illegal audio files that are exchanged over the Internet," said Yasushi Inoguchi, associate professor at the center for information science at JAIST.
As a project sponsored by the COE programme at JAIST, a web-based group support system is under development.
At the foundation of this program for knowledge bases there is an academic field called 'knowledge science', which models the knowledge creation process and conducts research on knowledge management, and JAIST is the only institution in the world where a School of Knowledge Science has been established as a research department.
Proceedings of KSS'2000 JAIST -- The International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences: Challenges to Complexity.