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JAKEJointly Administered Knowledge Environment
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Jake is accused of owning a dog - Willy Wurzel - dangerously out of control, a charge he says he will deny.
Jake was a kind, generous man who had inherited his fortune from his parents - they'd made money working for an oil company and in property.
Jake revealed last year that he was planning to have the baby he and Emmy had so desperately wanted, thanks to a surrogate.
What songs is he expected to sing in his coming concert, 'I Am Jake Zyrus'?
Underwood also sees Jake as a "moral compass," which is quite the opposite of his brother, Troy (Daniel Sharman).
Jake was taken to hospital on Sunday evening after emergency services were called to his London Fields home.
The family of Jake, from Tonypandy, has paid tribute to him.
That's because Jake lost the forefinger of his right hand while working as a 14-year-old in Low Fell pit in County Durham.
Jake, on the other hand, can only nod and smile because, tragically, a bike accident robbed him of that special memory - and of Charlie being his wife.
While an FBI agent, Jake had been in charge of a sting operation—buying illegal weapons from the syndicate.
Jake - who sniffed out drugs worth millions of pounds - started off working in Rugby but worked all over the county.
Jake is in his early forties, very fit, wearing a light blue oxford cloth shirt, navy cashmere sweater, and well-tailored jeans.