JAKLIJammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (India)
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In regular nematic cells, it is expected that the bulk will buckle into the third dimension when defects are present (CLADIS; KLEMAN, 1972; JAKLI; SAUPE, 2006; MEYER, 1973).
Zakir Hussian, a local teacher, when interviewed said, "There is a lot of bonhomie out here between us and the army, in particular this unit since the members of JAKLI are all Kashmiri recruits.
On the request of State Government and in coordination with the Employment Department, various defense agencies like Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and JAKLI have been holding recruitment rallies at frequent intervals since 1998 for enrolment of educated youth of the State in their organizations for which the administrative/logistic support is being provided by the Employment Department to the recruiting team.
He had a bright future and these complaints need to be probed speedily and in a transparent manner,'' a senior JAKLI officer said.
"There's a strong correlation between the actual economic situation and the perceived threat," Ms Jakli said.
Patel admits that his group was unaware of the work of Jakli and his colleagues.
Summary: Budgam (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Mar 8 (ANI): An Army Jawan belonging to JAKLI Unit, Mohammad Yaseen Bhat, was abducted from his residence here in Qazipora on Friday.
Tenders are invited for Construction of left over work central sewage system for md accn of pbor of jakli regt centre at old air field srinagar
Tenders are invited for Repair/replacement of split/ window ac and desert cooler installed at 17 shikh li, cod and 505 abw and 8 jakli under ge utility plant and machinery delhi cantt-10
Tenders are invited for Special repair to 03 nos ohts including painting in camouflage pattern and provn of guard post at jakli rc srinagar under ge 970 ews.
Tenders are invited for Repair and maintenance of wooden furniture including painting for jakli rc under ge 970 ews