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Obeid has denounced political assassination as a method adopted by the People's Movement, revealing that the government has handed over to the African Mediation a memo on the assassination of the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of South Kordufan, Ibrahim Balandia, as well as the continuous detention of Talafon Koko Abu Jalha, refuting the claims of the SPLM with regard to freeing him, saying that his family is in Khartoum not in Yei as claimed by the SPLM.
Earlier this month clashes erupted in the northern province of Saada, between the Houthi tribe and the pro-government al Jalha tribe, leaving 27 Houthi dead and many wounded.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Hl Rcc Bridge Over Thora River In Between Village Jalha To Village Under Bikramganj Block