JALSJuvenile Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
JALSJournal of the American Liszt Society (est. 1964)
JALSJust A Little Something
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Among his other discussions of the Sonata's purported symbolism, see Tiber Szasz, "Liszt's Symbols for the Divine and Diabolical: Their Revelation of a Program in the B-Minor Sonata," JALS 15 (June 1984): 39-95.
Hugh Macdonald, "Liszt the Conductor," JALS 38 (July-December 1995): 83-98; reprinted in his 2008 compilation Beethoven's Century: Essays on Composers and Themes.
In the 1960s, JALS expanded its content to contain other information of interest to Army lawyers, including information on claims, procurement, international law and military affairs.