JALSJuvenile Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
JALSJournal of the American Liszt Society (est. 1964)
JALSJust A Little Something
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(JAL) signed a Supporting Partner Agreement for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay (hereinafter Partnership Agreement) with the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
We have included "SMA plus" syndromes in which motor neuron dysfunction is the primary but not the sole feature, juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (jALS), and multisystem disorders in which amyotrophy related to lower motor neuron degeneration is evident.
380] (November 2010): 17-24.--Delphine MOENNE-LOCOZ, "Une version musicale du Cantique des creatures au XIXe siecle: Le cantico del sol di San Francesco de Franz Liszt," Lapaon d'Hera: Gazette interdisciplinaire thematique internationale = Hera's Peacock: An International Thematic Interdisciplinary Journal 4 (2008): 61-74.--David Henning PLYLAR, "Franz Liszt's Trois odes funebres: A Case Study in Intertextuality," JALS 59-60 (2008-9): 24-149.--Tibor SZASZ, "Liszt's Sonata in B minor and a Woman Composer's Fingerprint: The Quasi Adagio Theme and a Lied by Maria Pavlovna (Romanova)," LSJ35 (2010): 3-27.--David TRIPPETT, "Apres une lecture de Liszt Virtuosity and Werktreue in the 'Dante' Sonata," 19th-century Music 32, no.
Japan Airlines (JAL) is suspending 12 domestic routes and slashing flight frequency and capacity on three international routes, as it undergoes a restructuring process.
Since April 2009 Taguchi has served as an executive officer in charge of the overall operational of the JAL Group in the Kyushu region.
Japan Airlines (JAL) is working with Accenture on a new service that applies artificial intelligence (AI) to answer passenger requests at the airlines check-in counters.
(1) Published between March 1959 and November 1975, the Judge Advocate Legal Service (JALS) was initially published on a weekly basis provide field Judge Advocates with the latest appellate decisions from the Court of Military Appeals (the forerunner of the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces) and the Comptroller General.
Japan Airlines (JAL), a member of the oneworld alliance of leading airlines, has been named Best Trans-Pacific Airline and Best Airline to Japan for the second consecutive year by readers of Global Traveler, the monthly magazine written exclusively for frequent, luxury-business and leisure travelers.
Japan Airlines (JAL) and new-age airline Vietjet announced that the carriers` will begin sales of their codeshare flights starting October 23.
This partnership is believed to offer a unique advantage for Garuda Indonesias passengers who will enjoy JALs unparalleled services including check-through service, lounge access, in-flight meal and other service said Pahala.
We have long admired JALs excellent service, which corresponds well with the authentic Hawaiian hospitality we offer, said Peter Ingram, president and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines.
Guests traveling between Japan and Hawaii will enjoy unrivaled value in a partnership that brings together JALs network of over 30 domestic cities and 11 international destinations and Hawaiians convenient flight connections throughout its island chain.