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JAMALJust Another Macro Language
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amp;nbsp;If a longer stay is granted, Jamal will address his legal status in the immigration court, his brother, Syed Hussein Jamal, said.
He also highlighted the services rendered by Syed Jamal Shah DG PNCA, CPEC Cultural Caravan saying that Syed Jamal Shah would play potent role in introducing Chinese culture along with APCYF.
Syed Zahid Jamal Advocate, while criticising the provincial government, said that the decision of building a family park inside Mardan district courts must be taken back, otherwise, they would launch an agitation.
Since their marriage Jamal and his wife had not lived together, due to his participation in war against terrorism.
In the Archery Mutahar got first position by scoring most point as a result of his excellent target from 60m, followed by Fazale Karim, and Mudasir Jamal.
Muscat: Squash professional Jamal Al Barwani, who flew in from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to take part in the East Horizon Squash Tournament 2015 held at PDO, overwhelmed all his opponents to clinch the trophy in style.
Jamal falls in love with Latika--the most beautiful girl in the world--who is then kidnapped and held against her will first by Maman, who exploits her for his own profit, and then by the slum gangster, Javed, who takes Latika as his girlfriend.
Al-Busaidy, said, "We are delighted to confirm Jamal Al Azki's appointment to the position of country manager for the Sultanate of Oman (Centre).
He said the school's staff and students, as well as the emergency services, had tried to help Jamal at the scene.
The family lost their livelihood and Jamal now supports them by selling vegetables on the roadside with his 13-year-old son.
Jamal is the director of the Basement Cultural Foundation, which was started in 2009.