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JAMESJava Apache Mail Enterprise Server
JAMESJapan Association for Middle East Studies (Tokyo, Japan)
JAMESJack Auchterlonie Memorial Equine Sanctuary (California)
JAMESJournal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (Fort Collins, CO)
JAMESJoint Automated Message Editing System
JAMESJoint Area Museum Education Service (UK)
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Frederick Knott presents James Datchett in "The Colonies",' and there seemed every prospect that the production would be an early one; for if there was one section of the public which Mr Knott disliked more than another, it was Young Men Who Ought To Be Out Earning Their Livings Instead Of Idling At Home.
A temporary compromise was effected between the two parties by the securing for James of a post as assistant-master at Harrow House, the private school of one Blatherwick, M.
I want to know if you have any complaint to make of James.
I can trust his word and I can trust his work; he is gentle and clever with the horses, and I would rather have them in charge with him than with half the young fellows I know of in laced hats and liveries; and whoever wants a character of James Howard," said John, with a decided jerk of his head, "let them come to John Manly.
The history of its victory over earlier criticism, and its difficulties with the modern experimental work of Sherrington and Cannon, is well told by James R.
James Williams--Hattie Chalmers that was--once the belle of Cloverdale.
Though they were all so busy, there prevailed no kind of order in their efforts; men struggled together for the same gun and ran into each other with their burning torches; and James was continually turning about from his talk with Alan, to cry out orders which were apparently never understood.
James, then a hobbadehoy, was now become a young man, having had the benefits of a university education, and acquired the inestimable polish which is gained by living in a fast set at a small college, and contracting debts, and being rusticated, and being plucked.
George must positively send his answer to Sir James to-day.
He had the spare form and the pale complexion which became a student; as different as possible from the blooming Englishman of the red-whiskered type represented by Sir James Chettam.
So through the reigns of Henry IV and of Henry V James remained a prisoner.
James Harthouse smiled; and rising from his end of the sofa, and lounging with his back against the chimney-piece, so that he stood before the empty fire-grate as he smoked, in front of Tom and looking down at him, observed: