JAMEXJamming Exercise
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"The Baroque style works for us," says Jamex. "When we were students we were very much exposed to minimal stuff and never understood how we would fit in to that world.
Jamex, left, and Einar de la Torre with examples of their exuberant art at National Glass Centre
Borderlandia: Cultural Topography by Einar and Jamex de la Torre offers an eye-popping study of the terrain at the periphery of USA and Mexico.
"It's so easy to make extremely beautiful objects," Jamex says dismissively.
The "bicultural artists" Einar and Jamex de la Torre combine ornate blown and flame-worked glass with cheap, mass-produced tchotchkes and found objects to create art that's both high and low, Mexican and American, dramatic and humorous.
Bright colours (chillantes) are preferred to somber, high intensity to low, the shimmering and sparkling over the muted and subdued.'(6) In contemporary art an example of rasquache is the glass work sculptures of Mexican artists Jamex and Einar de la Tore.
As finishing touches were made, Jamex and brother Einar certainly brightened up the day with their bold sculptures and experimental lenticular prints which make use of a 3D technology to produce mixed images with a remarkable illusion of depth and movement.