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JAMPJoint Analytic Model Program
JAMPJINTACCS Army Management Plan
JAMPJavascript AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and Extensible Markup Language) MySQL PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor; open source framework)
JAMPJavascript, Apache, MySQL (My Structured Query Language), PHP (Personal Home Page)
JAMPJohn Andrew Max Preston (Lexington, KY band)
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Currently, a number of standard schemes for information transmission exist, such as JAMP and JGPSSI, but less than 40% of transmitted information uses these standard schemes, with more than 60% using formats unique to each company, forcing raw materials makers (upstream companies) and component makers (midstream companies) to support multiple different schemes for each customer, creating an excessive burden.
Samson RA, Houbraken JAMP, Kuijpers AFA, Frank JM, Frisvad JC.
The company said that the improvements also make the information system compatible with JAMP MSDSplus (Ver 4), JAMP AIS (Ver 4) and JGPSSI (Ver 4.
Prompt Response to Increasingly Demanding Regulations about Chemical Substances in Products OKI has added a new feature to its chemical substance information system to allow linkage with JAMP-IT, an information transferring infrastructure promoted by JAMP.
New functions load and convert MSDSplus data into JAMP AIS format; streamline registration and reporting workflows -