JANACJournal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care
JANACJournal of the National Cancer Institute
JANACJoint Army-Navy Assessment Committee
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JANAC, also published six times a year, is targeted to nurses and nurse practitioners in AIDS care and covers the spectrum of related issues, including education, treatment, prevention, research, practice, policies and program development.
The species is now well established and forms a viable population all along the river's length (Janac et al.
burbot Lota lota, pikeperch Sander lucioperca, European catfish Silurus glanis) predators constitute diurnally constant predatory pressure (see also Janac & Jurajda 2013).
These showed that the drifting assemblage consisted mostly of gobiid larvae and Leptodora kindti (Crustacea, Cladocera) (Janac et al.
There exists more general concept of machining theory (Janac, et al., 2007).
The scientific school of machining in Trnava dealed with this problem (Lipa & Janac, 2000; Bonisova & Lipa, 2007).
By trend of the most accurate dressing of grinding wheels in small-series production are diamonds CNC forming wheels (Janac et al., 2004).
On a basis of experimental results, the individual cutting forces can be calculated ([[lambda].sub.s] = 0[degrees], [[kappa].sub.r] = 45[degrees], [[gamma].sub.0] = 15[degrees]) using following expressions (Janac et al., 2006)
Christoph Janacs recognizes it as a politically motivated imposition which ignored authors and professional Germanists alike, half-hearted in some respects and already conceding that authors need not accept its authority; but, he argues, authors differ, and not all are radical experimenters.