JANIJunior Achievement of Northern Indiana
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Janis has developed a proven track record of hands-on execution, building strong partnerships and developing IT strategy to improve business performance.
Richardson, who has been playing Chicago bars with her popular namesake band for almost a decade, first was cast as Joplin in the Chicago production of Love, Janis in 1999.
The show is a musical journey celebrating Janis Joplin and her biggest musical influences -- trailblazers like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Odetta, Nina Simone and Bessie Smith, all of whom inspired Joplin to become one of Rock 'n' Roll's greatest legends.
Janis spoke to a relative on the afternoon of the day she disappeared but she was reported missing at just after 10.
Today we salute an American original, Janis Joplin, said Megan Brennan, chief operating officer and executive vice president.
One of the world's greatest pianists, Janis has had a long, distinguished career.
Janis was a cleaner at the university who was studying part-time to become an occupational therapist at the HQ Hospital of the International Grenfell Association in St Anthony, Newfoundland.
Supt Mick Paterson, of Northumbria Police's Northumberland Area Command, said: "I want to thank those who attended the public meeting in Catton this week in relation to the disappearance of Janis Hall.
I consider Janis a lifelong friend and a combat brother.
She loved and respected her family too much for that," the Sun quoted Janis as saying.