JANICJoint Army-Navy Information Center
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Janic (2007) has used some suppositions to sketch the system models for both intermodal freight transport and truck.
It is important to meet often to ensure the academic success of children." Janic, who regularly attended parent-teacher meetings, felt that they were unnecessary, as her children progressed well in school.
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Between June 2014 and March 2015, the defendants defrauded at least 11 subcontracting companies--which were hired to perform services at six RENISS and JANIC projects in Manhattan and Queens--out of more than $328,000 by failing to pay the subcontractors for their completed work.
Janic [4] developed a model for calculating the full costs of a given intermodal and road transport networks.
Branislave Janic, PhD, the leader of the study, and his tem injected rats that had suffered strokes with the stem cells.
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Janic (2007) compared the cost of the intermodal transport with the cost of the road transport.
"These results show that these tumours mimic the gene expression profiles of germline cells", said Ana Janic.