JANOTJoint Army-Navy Ocean Terminal
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No caso em tela tambem foi esse o entendimento exarado pelo entao Procurador-Geral da Republica, Rodrigo Janot ao solicitar a abertura de investigacao em face dos Ministros Eliseu Padilha e Moreira Franco e excluir o Presidente Michel Temer.
"Medidas anticorrupcao nao sao invencao brasileira, diz Janot." Agencia Brasil, December 07, 2016.
Janot wrote that the allegations should not be seen as a sign that the judiciary was "criminalising politics" or routine "political negotiations," but rather a record of a ruling elite that systematically used public money to "buy popular support."
Having dodged this congressional bullet, Temer is bracing for what else chief prosecutor Janot will throw at him before his term expires in September.
Also in early June, the Brazilian chief prosecutor, Rodrigo Janot, requested that Brazil's Supreme Electoral Tribunal ensure that the information on the Odebrecht case remain confidential, so that each country's authorities can conduct their own investigations without outside interference.
Marcia Godoy Gowdak1, Luciene Ferreira Azevedo (1), Patricia Perlingeiro (1) Luciana Diniz Nagem Janot de Matos (1,2)
Whether Attorney General Rodrigo Janot's formal accusation late Monday pressures Temer to consider resigning - he has insisted he won't and denied any wrongdoing - could depend on the reaction of lawmakers and the markets in Latin America's largest nation in the days and weeks ahead.
The formal accusation has been brought on by Attorney General Rodrigo Janot, who began investigation into Temer's financial dealings in May 2016.
Until now one of the few cracks in the facade that has enabled us to get a view of the internal political evolution of this corporation which is very powerful externally, and closed is the letter in which former Justice Minister of Rousseff's government, Eugenio Aragao (24), previously a close ally of the present Procurator-General, Rodrigo Janot, lets off steam.
Jeanne de Marnef took over the print shop of her husband, Denis Janot, upon his death in 1544 and printed at least seven works either on her own or with other printers.