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JANUJapan Association of National Universities
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In these so-called books, the chief lover, or Greek god, as he is admiringly referred to--by the way, they do not say which "Greek god" it is that the gentleman bears such a striking likeness to; it might be hump-backed Vulcan, or double-faced Janus, or even driveling Silenus, the god of abstruse mysteries.
He ceas'd; and th' Archangelic Power prepar'd For swift descent, with him the Cohort bright Of watchful Cherubim; four faces each Had, like a double JANUS, all thir shape Spangl'd with eyes more numerous then those Of ARGUS, and more wakeful then to drouze, Charm'd with ARCADIAN Pipe, the Pastoral Reed Of HERMES, or his opiate Rod.
Yet Janu's focus appears to be on creating complex characters with distinctive voices who tell a far more universal story about friendship, perseverance, innocence, problem-solving and the world outside of home.
Although Janu was promised a monthly salary of SR500, the sponsor has not given her any money from the day she came to the Kingdom.
"Janus will live out his days with me and my family.
Janus was a child support specialist for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services.
Janus is an appraisal management company that offers property valuation services to mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions through its network of appraisers.
Janus said the acquisition is an opportunity to embrace the benefits of size and strength with the ability to innovate and expand our customers' experience for sustainable growth.
5 April 2019 - Michigan, US-based real estate collateral valuation company Class Valuation has acquired Texas, US-based appraisal management company (AMC), Janus Valuation and Compliance to strengthen position in the real estate valuation market, the company said.
Jane Shoemake, investment director at Janus Henderson said the global economy is about to enter a period of "dull, low" growth but the risk of an outright recession remains small.
Janus - who moved to Scotland to be with his girlfriend in Helensburgh - was one of 70 entrepreneurs who attended the networking event organised by the firm Craig Campbell SEO.