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JANUJapan Association of National Universities
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In these so-called books, the chief lover, or Greek god, as he is admiringly referred to--by the way, they do not say which "Greek god" it is that the gentleman bears such a striking likeness to; it might be hump-backed Vulcan, or double-faced Janus, or even driveling Silenus, the god of abstruse mysteries.
He ceas'd; and th' Archangelic Power prepar'd For swift descent, with him the Cohort bright Of watchful Cherubim; four faces each Had, like a double JANUS, all thir shape Spangl'd with eyes more numerous then those Of ARGUS, and more wakeful then to drouze, Charm'd with ARCADIAN Pipe, the Pastoral Reed Of HERMES, or his opiate Rod.
The office opening marks the fifth for Janus in 2012, with offices opened to date this year in The Hague, Frankfurt, Paris, and Zurich.
Investment firm, Janus Capital Group Inc (NYSE:JNS) introduced the Janus Aspen Moderate Allocation Portfolio that give investors moderate growth via its investments in other Janus mutual funds, the company declared on Wednesday.
The Janus Flex Tacrolimus eluting Carbostent stent system combines a new best in class delivery system with the unique Janus platform.