JANYJunior Achievement of New York
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Sheriff Janys Scott said: "I find you not guilty on charges one and two but you will be convicted on charge three and you will pay PS100 compensation in respect of that.
McGonigle was fined pounds 150 and Sheriff Janys Scott warned him he could not speak to the police in that manner.
The association with breast cancer has been seen in occupationally exposed populations (Flesch Janys et al.
Sheriff Janys Scott sentenced him to 22 months in jail and ordered him to serve the full term of a previous prison sentence imposed at Kirkcaldy sheriff court in 2004.
Sheriff Janys Scott ordered her to serve another 16 months at the end of her current sentence.
Sheriff Janys Scott, at Edinburgh sheriff court, said: "There was a potential effect on health and there are concerns for sewage treatment.
Janys Lunstrum and Amanda Mitchell drove in the runs.
Sheriff Janys Scott deferred sentence until May and called for an assessment of Gilroy's suitability for community service as an alternative to custody.
McCoist's advocate, Janys Scott, said: "Sadly, Mr McCoist is still not well.
Sheriff Janys Scott sentenced him to 22 months and ordered him to serve an unexpired period from a previous prison term.
Sheriff Janys Scott criticised them for failing to have a contingency plan for both their pumps failing.