JAPCJoint Administrative Procedures Committee (Florida)
JAPCJapanese Anime People of Chicago (est. 2000; Chicago, IL)
JAPCJapan Atomic Power Co.
JAPCJournal of Asian Pacific Communication (John Benjamins Publishing Company)
JAPCJoint Air Photo Center
JAPCJust Another Proxy Client
JAPCJapan Association of Parasite Control (est. 1955)
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(23) In response to this notice and related rule materials, JAPC sent the department a letter on July 20, 2016, commenting the "strike-though/underline version of proposed Rule 62-302.530 that appeared in the FAR notice made the changes to the rule 'incomprehensible.'" (24)
This joint venture is a significant business development opportunity to license our nuclear operations expertise internationally alongside JAPC, which has been in operation for more than half a century.
The Joint Administrative Procedures Committee (JAPC) is a joint standing committee of the Florida Legislature.
A pioneer of nuclear power generation, JAPC will work with Horizon as grows its own operational capability in readiness to run Wylfa Newydd.
As scheduled part of the deal, EnergySolutions said it might share its decommissioning and decontamination experience and capabilities with JAPC for usage at the Tsuruga Unit 1 in Japan.
If the changes to the proposed rule are only technical, the agency must provide notification of the changes in writing to JAPC at least seven days prior to filing the rule for adoption.
As part of this agreement, EnergySolutions will share its D&D experience and capabilities with JAPC for use at the Tsuruga Unit 1.
The most recent ICPG changes addressed JAPC nonrule policy concerns with the prescriptive tone of the guidance document as well as additional clarification regarding engineering control maintenance plans, and additional notice requirements to recorded interest holders and for hazardous waste cleanup sites.
(2) JAPC prepared reports in 2006 and 2007 on unadopted rules.
A copy of the petition must now be filed with JAPC and the agency is required to file with JAPC a copy of the order granting or denying the petition.
JAPC may submit to the president of the Senate and the speaker of the House a recommendation that legislation be introduced to modify or suspend the adoption of a proposed rule, or amend or repeal a rule, if JAPC votes an objection to a proposed or existing rule and the agency fails to initiate administrative action to modify, amend, withdraw, or repeal the rule consistent with the objection within 60 days, or thereafter fails to proceed in good faith to complete the action.
Any legal discretion that an agency may have to deny a petition directed at an unadopted rule ignores the political pressure to initiate rulemaking in light of the JAPC and legislative review of the agency's decision not to do so.