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JAPIJava Api
JAPIJava Application Programming Interface
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(33) Se habla con sarcasmo, por eso, que al estar Japi?1/2n en el Consejo de Seguridad es darle dos votos a Estados Unidos.
Therefore, the highland Araucaria Forest fragments sampled in this work had very similar Drosophilidae assemblages, and were also similar to other altitudinal forest assemblage from Serra do Japi, southeastern Brazil (Medeiros and Klaczko, 2004).
aurantiurus population of the Parque Estadual da Serra da Cantareira and the Parque Estadual da Serra do Japi (Machado & Vasconcellos-Neto 2000).
Japi Mountain is located in the countryside of Sao Paulo state, is part of the Environmental Protection Areas (EPAs) of Jundiai (47.67% of the total area), Cabreuva (41.16%) and Cajamar (0.68%), and integrates the Piracicaba-Capivari-Jundiai Water Conservation and Management Unit that gathers important effluents of the Medium Tiete River basin (Figure 1).
The fauna of the Atlantic Rain Forest of the State of Sao Paulo forms a distinct group from other regions and also from the interior region vof Sao Paulo (Cantareira, Japi and Atibaia).
He also recalled a paper published by him and others under the title "Economic Burden of Diabetes" which too was published in JAPI over a decade ago and said, he was happy to note that the issue of cost effectiveness in the management of Diabetes had also been discussed in the guidelines released.
with a mass of cocoons hanging from the caterpillar body on the edge of a trail in a protected subtropical humid forest in the Serra do Japi (23[degrees]15'S and 46[degrees]57'W) in Jundiai, Sao Paulo state, Brazil, in February of 2010.
Address : Municipality lithium Jerebova STREET 14, Mario Japi?, Blaz Zarnik, SI-1270 lithium.
omnicolor in February 2010 in the Reserva Biologica Serra do Japi (23[degrees]1'S and 46[degrees]52'W), Jundiai, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a protected subtropical humid forest.