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JAPIJava Api
JAPIJava Application Programming Interface
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Os indices de massas de ovos (IMO) apresentaram-se elevados em todas as aceroleiras, exceto na variedade Waldy e no clone Japi, que foram intermediarios (IMO = 3,0 e 3,6), apesar de apresentarem fatores de reproducao elevados.
The product is 100% manufactured in Brazil, where Grupo Astra has also this year launched a new showroom representing the strength of Astra, Japi, Integral and Zeta brands in the construction market.
Diante da evolucao supracitada, e oportuno realcar que Freitas (1951) ja havia considerado as Superficies de Campos (DE MARTONNE, 1943) e do Japi (ALMEIDA, 1964) como sendo uma so, a qual foi deformada e soerguida em varios niveis por processos tectonicos, eliminando assim a Superficie das Cristas Medias (DE MARTONNE, 1943).
In the Serra do Japi, the only terrestrial bromeliad encountered was Bromelia antiacantha; this species was the only one of all the bromeliads that did not form phytotelmata (i.
Este estudo foi desenvolvido na regiao Neotropical, em duas regioes de florestas mesofilas, uma no hemisferio sul, Serra do Japi, Sao Paulo, Brasil, e outra no hemisferio norte, Sierra Madre Oriental, Hidalgo, Mexico, no limite do Neotropico (Figura 1).
Then Japi Mulder handed an interception try to Sackey, before Irish overturned a 17-16 half time deficit.
Hetherington was in South Africa with the Rhinos, where they played Widnes Vikings last Saturday evening, and used the occasion to snap up veteran Springbok centre Japi Mulder for the Tykes.
Goal kicking centre Edrich Lubbe is out of the series with a torn hamstring and his centre partner, Japi Mulder, is travelling to Pretoria for a specialist examination on a shoulder injury.
The pilot project was initiated with seedling in Serra do Japi, Alto Tiete, in Sao Paulo, the country's most populated State and one which faces problems in terms of the quantity and quality of water available for collection and use.
The Awards Ceremony and Appreciation Lunch for Stakeholders of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in Region II held at Japi Hotel, Maharlika Highway, Cauayan City, Isabela on Tuesday, 25 July 2017 was led by Monetary Board Member Juan D.