JARBJoint Acquisition Review Board
JARBJoint Air Reserve Base
JARBJoint Architectural Review Board (Loudoun County, VA)
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The Board of Directors appointed Al Jarb, who has 34 years experience in telecommunications, following a board meeting on 10th March.
To get this project approved by the JARB and the Joint Facilities Utilization Board (JFUB), the brigade was required by the established joint force commander's policy to develop a PWS and an IGCE.
The unit then submitted the IGCE, an approved DA Form 3953, and a letter of justification to the JARB and JFUB.
The requirement was to build a web-based system to enter and display all PR&Cs (Department of the Army Form 3953) slated for the JARB's review.
During the initial development stage, our intent was to develop the code required for the project independent of the directorate of information management's servers (to protect them from any programming errors.) Our team worked around the clock to program initial requirements and bring the PR&Cs for the JARB onto the secure Internet-protocol routed network.
Establishment of the JARB eventually helped eliminate misconceptions about the performance of Brown and Root.
In this new role, Al Jarb with his 34 years experience in telecommunications succeeds Fahad Ibrahim Al Dughaither who step downed from the position for personal reasons.
* JARB: An MNC-I board validates unit funding requirements costing more than $200,000.
Large requests (more than $200,000) must be previously validated by the JARB or JFUB.
Adapting the JARB process for use in deliberate planning would provide an excellent forum for the application of the decision criteria.
176th WG, Kulis ANGB, Alaska (C-130H, HC-130N, HH-60G) Abbreviation key: ABW: Air Base Wing ABG: Air Base Group ACW: Air Control Wing AEG: Air Expeditionary Group AFB: Air Force Base AG: Airlift Group ANGB: Air National Guard Base ANGS: Air National Guard Station ARS: Air Reserve Station ARW: Air Refueling Wing AW: Airlift Wing AWF: Air Weather Flight CSW: Combat Support Wing FTU: Formal Training Unit FW: Fighter Wing IAP: International Airport JARB: Joint Air Reserve Base JARS: Joint Air Reserve Station MAP: Municipal Airport NAS JRB: Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base ROW: Rescue Wing RW: Reconnaissance Wing SOW: Special Operations Wing WG: Wing
Abbreviation Codes: Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC), Air National Guard (ANG), Air National Guard Base (ANGB), Air National Guard Station (ANGS), Air Reserve Station (ARS), Joint Air Reserve Base (JARB), Joint Air Reserve Station (JARS), Joint Reserve Base (JRB)