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JARDJapan Amateur Radio Development Association
JARDJamaica Archives and Records Department
JARDJoint Asset Recovery Database (law enforcement)
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The plain, sheet metal body of the JARD bullpup, which is available in black or tan finishes, gives it a very modernistic, functional and cool look.
One of the most oft-cited negatives is the atrocious trigger pull thanks to an exceptionally long trigger bar, but JARD's J67 is the exception here.
France ranks first among European countries in terms of the volume of its investments in Jordan, which exceed 1 billion euros.a For his part, Jard underlined the role parliamentarians can play in fostering bilateral relations between the two countries.
The first item to grab our attention was an AR Adjustable Trigger System from Jard, Inc (712/324-7409; www.jardinc.com).
Another indication that the recordkeeping culture needed to change came from a 1997 Jamaica Archives and Records Department (JARD) report on the state of records and information management (RIM) in the public sector.
The fashionable obstetrician Dr Jard had been summoned and a message sent to the baby's grandfather, King Louis XV, who was at Choisy.
The beauty of Eurocamp's Camping du Jard, halfway down the west coast of France at La Tranche sur Mer, is an absence of anything to worry about.
Marta works for PSOE in spite of her disillusionment with its policies; Santiago is a sociology professor; and Carlos runs his own small communications company, Jard. The fortunes of Jard set the plot in motion when Carlos asks for a large loan from his two friends to keep the company afloat.
The Gulbenkian Choir of Lisbon and a strong team of soloists (Lynne Dawson, Jard van New, Anthony Rolfe Johnson and Eike Wilm Schulte), not unique these days in meeting the score's demands for stamina and nimbleness with tireless accuracy, yet manage to find extra reserves of brilliance here and sensitivity there to match the orchestra's sustained excellence right through to the last 'Gotterfunken!'.
Contract award notice: Contract for supply, Manufacture and assembly of seats for the theater el jard de figueres (spain-figueres: Theater seats)