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In the present study 5% students were taking Gutka, 12.33% were taking Jarda and 25.8% of students were taking cigarettes.
The commission's report said that on the basis of statements and confessions deputy superintendent of police Noel Parmar felt " the Godhra incident was pre- planned and was a part of a bigger conspiracy, which was hatched by Nannumiya, Umarji, Rajak Kurkur, Salim alias Salim Yusuf Sattar Jarda and Salim Panwala and others".
Jarda village (Jharkhand), Aug.17 (ANI): Faced with a severe drought following a poor monsoon, many villagers in Jharkhand are finding it hard to arrange for their livelihood and support their women and children.
Many thanks to Jarda Dostal for convincing me to take on this manuscript, to Mike Perfit and Brendan Murphy for supportive reviews, and to Georgia PePiper for nurturing this igneous petrology series.
Frazier (DBA, Indiana University) is the Richard and Jarda Hurd Professor of Distribution Management in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA.
Minogue, who turns 40 in May, will announce the marriage in Prague, Czech organiser Jarda Hainzel was quoted as saying in the website www.idnes.cz, adding that the number "of VIP tickets demanded by Kylie's team for the show surpassed the usual number." Minogue launched her singing career in 1987 with the album Locomotion, which sold 14 million copies.
I will answer with a memory from my years at the conservatory, when on one occasion my teacher Jan Hora (we are now colleagues at the Music Faculty of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts) told me, "Jarda, on the one hand you were lucky in the circumstances of your birth, and on the other hand unlucky".
Jarda Simir pulled one back for Excelsior late on but couldn't prevent Twente edging up into joint third place.
The Japanese American Relocation Digital Archive (JARDA) publishing project is also supported by the eScholarship/UC Press collaboration.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance and repair to maynaguri tp embankment along the right bank of river jarda near rout colony, cinema hall para under block and ps- maynaguri, dist- jalpaiguri.
It involves the laying of 40km of road from Bibbid to Al Jarda in the Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi.
The first part of the road extends first stage to Al Jarda in Al Mudhaibi, 40 km, at a cost of RO.125,231,076.