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JARPAJoint Aquatic Resources Permit Application
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In March 2014 the ICJ found that while JARPA II could be broadly
characterization of JARPA II's actions as "for the purposes of
33) Australia alleged that JARPA was a whaling program under the
It added: "The court concludes that the special permits granted by Japan for the killing, taking and treating of whales in connection with JARPA II are not 'for purposes of scientific research' pursuant to [the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling].
The Japanese whaling programs have specific lists of objectives changing from JARPA to JARPAII.
Appendix 1 below contains a list of all the peer reviewed papers emerging from JARPA and JARPAII since the year 2000.
Do the Research Results Fit the JARPA AND JARPAII Aims?
Some of the papers listed by the ICR were incorrectly placed under the JARPA programs.
CONCERNED that more than 6800 Antarctic minke whales (Baiaenoptera bonaerensis) have been killed in Antarctic waters under the 18 year of JARPA, compared 'with a total of 840 whales killed globally by Japan for scientific research in the 31 year period prior to the moratorium [.
ALSO NOTING that some humpback whales which will be targeted by JARPA II belong to small, vulnerable breeding populations around small island States in the South Pacific and that even small takes could have a detrimental effect on the recovery and survival of such populations [.
STRONGLY URGES the Government of Japan to withdraw its JARPA II proposal or to revise it so that any information needed to meet the stated objectives of the proposal is obtained using non-lethal methods>>10.
El informe del comite critico severamente el valor cientifico del programa de caceria de ballenas de Japon, diciendo que, "Resulta muy claro con base en el taller de revision del JARPA y las discusiones subsecuentes dentro del Comite, que el programa JARPA de 18 anos que ha causado la muerte a 6,795 ballenas aporto muy poco a nuestra comprension de la biologia de las ballenas minke o su ecologia.