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JARTJapan Association of Radiological Technologists
JARTJoint Agency Review Team (Canada)
JARTJoint Article
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Perhaps the bureaucrats of the NEC and the JART articulated the most powerful statement of the post-productivist landscape.
TRA retained Black & Veatch to provide design, bidding, and construction administration services for the JART project.
Jart, the latest news is the Liftra collection, a new program to help sculpt and contour skin while boosting facial elasticity.
Protective layer You will need make-up that will last and protect on your holidays, so start by working Dr Jart BB Cream Foundation into the skin with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush.
The odds were admittedly worse for kids playing with perhaps the best known of all banned toys: Jarts.
Jarts - giant lawn darts responsible for 7,000 injuries - are fifth in the list; metal slides, capable of causing third degree burns during heatwaves, are second.
Bill loved to work around his homes he proudly built, dance, travel, play cards, jarts, and entertain his grand dogs.
Lawn Jarts back before somebody official decided eight-to-eleven-year-olds shouldn't be hurling twelve-inch weighted metal spikes at each other.
Fundex is expanding into multiple player water games with Jarts Splash([TM]) and Chuck-O Splash([TM]).
Co-Creator Kevin Williams explained, "You would have versions of jarts or lawn darts that flew well, but that did not stand up correctly upon landing.
SPACE RACE J TV's Star Trek crew PURPLE JARTS 2012 uniforms