JASCOJoint Assault Signal Company (US Marine Corps)
JASCOJapan-America Society of Central Ohio
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According to IBO estimates, JASCO is the thirty-third largest supplier of analytical instrumentation globally.
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Despite several firms supplying polarimeters to the marketplace, Horiba, Jasco and PerkinElmer account for about 80% of the business.
JASCO has been the leading manufacturer of CD, VCD and other chiro-optical instrumentation since the 1960s.
* Today, JASCO is located in over 57 countries, manufacturing both spectroscopy and chromatography instruments and continues to meet the needs of its customers with quality products and a pro-active service and support team.
Jasco has designed its product packaging for self-service by listing all necessary information on the box.
Jasco, based in Oklahoma City, already manufactures its own line of home office accessories--mostly surge protectors--and is expanding this category significantly for itself and SNET, while making its first entry into the cellular market.
ICALIS Data Systems make the IDIS EE Automated Tablet Dissolution Data Management Software, which can control JASCO's V-Series instruments for use in dissolution testing.
The proprietary EZChrom Elite chromatography data system (CDS) can control the Jasco X-LC/HPLC system.
(Make- Kirloskar, Jyoti, WPIL, Aqua, Jasco, M&P, KSB) Document cost : INR 1180 EMD value : INR 81000 Opening date : 25 Mar 2019 Period of contract : 4 month
Tenders are invited for Spares of jasco cd polarimeter