JASDECJapan Securities Depository Centre
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As part of government measures, electronic data on all stock certificates will be transmitted via their owners' accounts at their brokerage firms to JASDEC, which is a joint stock company funded by Tokyo Stock Exchange Group Inc.
Now there is real choice available to all banks and brokers in Japan looking to connect to BOJ and JASDEC to process Japanese equities and fixed income on a modern, real-time, globally-proven solution that also offers extensive international capabilities.
If delisted from the TSE, Livedoor will no longer be able to use JASDEC for depositing equity shares.
JASDEC took four months for returning equity shares to Kanebo Ltd.
The trust bank would then send instructions to JASDEC to settle.
So far, JASDEC has continued to concentrate on the realization of reform in securities clearing and settlement, and as one of the important constituents, we launched our pre-settlement matching system in 2001 and it has widely contributed to promote STP in JapaneIUs securities market.
Through our link with JASDEC, we are pleased to provide true end-to-end automation of the trade lifecycle.
OmgeoeIUs relationship with JASDEC is an integral part of the companyeIUs broader strategy to build relationships with central depositories around the world.
securities, JASDEC has entered into a full participation agreement with DTCC's depository subsidiary.
securities in Japan," said Yoshinobu Takeuchi, president and CEO of JASDEC.
The new link opens up to JASDEC members the services and activities of DTCC's depository for the specific U.