JASDECJapan Securities Depository Centre
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JASDEC deployed MyStandards to boost the efficiency of standards management internally as well as externally.
Shunichiro Unno, Director of post-trade services at JASDEC, said, Previously, usage guidelines involved manually created, resource intensive and risk prone proprietary tools and Word documents.
As part of government measures, electronic data on all stock certificates will be transmitted via their owners' accounts at their brokerage firms to JASDEC, which is a joint stock company funded by Tokyo Stock Exchange Group Inc., the Japan Securities Dealers Association and major securities houses and banks.
According to JASDEC, about 95.1 percent of all outstanding shares are believed to have been converted into electronic data, while the remaining 4.9 percent, representing around 17.8 billion shares, are still believed to be kept in homes or elsewhere as printed certificates.
If delisted from the TSE, Livedoor will no longer be able to use JASDEC for depositing equity shares.