JASIGJoint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees
JASIGJava in Administration Special Interest Group
JASIGJava Architecture Special Interest Group (open software consortium)
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JASIG is the joint agreement on safety and immunity guarantees inked by the two parties dating in 1995.
Luis Jalandoni, NDFP national executive committee member, said the arrest of Baylosis was illegal, citing the JASIG with the government in 1995.
The JASIG list will contain the names and photos of 54 NDF "publicly known" consultants and 87 guerilla leaders who are known by their "assumed names".
Jalandoni urged the public to demand Duterte to 'respect and implement' the JASIG, the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, and other binding peace agreements.
NDF National Executive Committee member Luis Jalandoni said the arrest and detention of consultant Baylosis and Roque was a 'flagrant violation' of the JASIG.
Aside from this, Arroyo, in 2005, cancelled, the Joint Agreement of Safety and Immunity Guarantees or JASIG, a minor pact with the NDF which provides its negotiators with immunity from arrest.
Kung sasabihin ng gobyerno na huhulihin sila, mass arrest sila, that's a violation of JASIG dahil 'yan ay pinagkasunduan ng dalawang panig,' Bayan Muna Rep.
Arroyo suspended JASIG on September 2, 2005 following suspicion that left-wing rebels had joined right-wing rebels in a failed coup that was launched to topple her.
Apart from security purposes, JASIG was also signed and implemented as a trust-building mechanism to ensure that both parties can continue to negotiate despite the ongoing conflict.
Under the JASIG, officials who are part of the negotiations will have immunity from arrest.
They have actually documents for identification that they are covered by JASIG but it was taken from them and has not yet been returned.
There has been no violation of the JASIG in these cases," Lacierda said over government radio.