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Tal como se aprecia en la tabla n[grados]3 este tipo de iniciativas se generan tanto gracias a programas externos (Anderson-Butcher et al., 2008; Anderson-Butcher et al., 2010; Jasis & Ordonez-Jasis, 2012; Sanders, 1996; Sanders & Harvey, 2002) como por experiencias autogestionadas (Achinstein et al., 2013; Breitborde & Swiniarski, 2002; Hands, 2010; Hipsky et al., 2013; Obeidat & Al-Hassan, 2009; Warner & Clark, 2009; Warren et al., 2009).
The parent empowerment model emerged from a thorough review of the parent empowerment literature (Bolivar & Chrispeels, 2011; Cochran & Dean, 1991; Delgado-Gaitan, 1991; Ditrano & Silverstein, 2006; Holcomb-McCoy & Bryan, 2010; Jasis & Ordonez-Jasis, 2012; Warren, Hong, Rubin, & Uy, 2009).
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This focus on changes to the communication process is echoed by Sutton (1996) in the special issue of JASIS mentioned above.
The authors of this article believed that qualitative data, similar to Ordonez-Jasis and Jasis' (2004) approach, can meet the after-school research challenges initially proposed by Scott-Little et al., (2002).
"JASIS and Library and Information Science Journal Rankings: A Review and Analysis of the Last Half Century", Journal of the American Society for Information Science, Vol.
Lancaster (1971b) published an important paper on cost-effectiveness analysis in JASIS, in which he emphasized the distinction between cost effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis of information systems.
Latino population, many Latinas/os living in the United States experience stressors related to racism and discrimination, acculturative distress, and high poverty rates (Ordonez-Jasis & Jasis, 2004; Schwarzbaum, 2004).
In addition, at least one study of reproductive outcomes suggests that maquiladora women workers in both the electronics and garment industries are more likely to have lower birthweight babies than women service workers (Eskenazi, Guendelman, Elkin, & Jasis, 1994).
El unico estudio que reporta la utilizacion transfronteriza de medicina es el realizado por Guendelman y Jasis (1990) en Tijuana, habiendo encontrado que solamente 2,5% de la poblacion mexicana en Tijuana usa servicios de salud en Estados Unidos.
Jasis S., Monica (2000), "A palabras de usuarias ...
In the next section, Rosario Ordonez-Jasis and Pablo Jasis review Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine, a disturbing story about the fabrication and perpetuation of fear in society, especially in the United States.