JASISTJournal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
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with a greater use of adjectives delimiting the domain of a noun in JASIST (16.
This selection of adjectives accounted for 30% of the total occurrences of evaluators in the corpus, which might indicate that both AL and JASIST writers tend to select this small range of adjectives for assessing entities, facts and processes or when emphasising their value or usefulness.
Table 2 shows the distribution of the two groups of stance adjectives in the AL and JASIST texts.
In contrast, JASIST introductions make frequent use of different with evaluative overtones (different indicators, different patterns, different conceptualisation, different levels of expertise).
of iMetrics papers articles articles (after applying citation and keyword filters) Keyword Citation filters filters Scientometrics 4003 3556 3556 JASIST 5194 3503 758 87 Journal of Informetrics 510 463 463 Research Policy 2680 2248 327 26 Research Evaluation 429 384 213 18 Journal of Information 1941 1434 146 28 Science Information Processing 2965 1968 145 43 and Management Journal of Documentation 2714 866 91 43 Total 20436 14422 5944 Table 2.
JASIST (Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology) will have review sections to serve as a transitional venue.
Beheshti's publications have appeared in such international journals as: JASIST, Information Processing and Management, and Education for Information.
Bracha's articles have been published in IR--related referred Journals (such as JASIST, DSS, CACM and more), and she has presented her work in professional conferences.
Of the 1,160 articles analyzed (see Table 1), the majority were published in JASIST (40.
She has received the ASIST Research Award and twice received the best JASIST paper award for papers on information searching and the nature of information science.
Wiley, for example, has DOTs for all of its JASIS and JASIST digitized articles on the table of contents, but they appear along with other bibliographic data on the start page of the articles only from 2000 (Volume 51).