JASMJunior Assistant Scoutmaster (Boy Scouts of America)
JASMJapan America Society of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
JASMJames Aiken Sheet Metal
JASMJolee Aleja Santos Madl (Cuban-American photographer)
JASMJane Austen Society of Melbourne (Australia)
JASMJointly Agreed Sampling and Monitoring (nuclear energy project; UK)
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"We have arranged a program to feed 12,000 dogs, in which we are providing chapattis, ladoos (Indian sweet), ganthiyas (a savoury), milk, biscuit, milk and chapattis," said Daulatsingh Chauhan, Founder of JASM.
"Jasm": (dictionnaire de 1860) energie, dynamisme, vitalite.
Lala Kaelr Jasm, 18, of Catherine Street, Hillfields, Coventry, driving with an incorrect licence, without insurance or test certificate, failing to produce a licence, certificate of insurance, or test certificate, fined pounds 340.
The ball is now in the ACC's court, and the ACC will have to make some tough trade-offs "because the answers that we came up with are not as expensive to develop as a JASM or what was a TSAM or some of those, but [they're] not cheap," said Rose.
And I strongly suggest every scoutmaster be able to identify anaphylaxis, carry three sizes of oropharangeal airways, and carry a "user" syringe of Epinepherin (synthetic adrenaline) that your doctor will prescribe as long as you and your JASM know what to do.
Those who will receive special awards are Cadet First Class Christian Michael Olarte Pena, 26 of Legazpi City, Albay (Journalism Award) and Cadet First Class Jasm Marie M.
The Benitezes named one of their family-owned schools as the Jose Abad Santos Memorial School (Jasms).
The alumni of both the PWU and the Jose Abad Santos Memorial School (JASMS), which had earlier voiced concern over the ownership row between the Benitez family and the Tanco group, said they continue to support the leadership of Dr.