JASMADJoint Airspace Management and Deconfliction
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JASMAD developers face the challenge of seamlessly interfacing multiple AOCs.
If mission-profile data were imported back to the JASMAD and linked to the original tasking line in the ATO, that could allow the deconfliction process to run on much more specific information about altitudes, routes of flight, and so forth.
At the tactical level, if the CNS/ATM were linked to the TBMCS and JASMAD, it would allow the transition of a tasked (through the ATO) and planned (through the JMPS) mission, which would not originate in the AOC's area, directly into the mission's execution phase.
(9) Part of the PPLI includes geodetic positioning which would be important to JASMAD applications.
The combination of the COP, JASMAD, JMPS, and Link 16 offers the potential to provide this capability and much more.
To help alleviate these concerns, the JASMAD will offer the capability to automate the process of developing the mission graphics, and the JMPS will offer the capability to deliver that data.
JASMAD interoperability and functionality must extend to ground and surface forces and their receptors as well.
The JASMAD represents the future of airspace management in the battlespace, but it also represents a test of the Joint Vision 2020 NCW concept.
The JASMAD offers the core capability to deconflict airborne vehicles using every known and quantifiable data point, updated with the most current and available sources while emphasizing airspace management.
To quote a high-level engineer working on the JASMAD: "As an engineer, the solution is the easy part.