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JASMINEJoint Air-Sea Monsoon Interaction Experiment
JASMINEJapan Astrometry Satellite Mission for Infrared Exploration
JASMINEJoint Action to Support Microfinance Institutions in Europe (est. 2008)
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Put away the jasmine wreath: the smell is heavy in so small a place.
Both laid themselves down on the divan; chibouques with jasmine tubes and amber mouthpieces were within reach, and all prepared so that there was no need to smoke the same pipe twice.
When he opens it he is confronted with a dainty and exquisitely clean young Japanese lady in a simple blue cotton kimono printed cunningly with small white jasmine blossoms.
A row of orange and lemon trees and jasmines, planted in green tubs, stood on the fairly wide terrace.
Jasmine was found seriously injured in the early hours of February 9 at an address in Kent Road in Wolverhampton.
Jessica Cotton, her vocal coach from DPA, says, "I have had the pleasure of teaching Jasmine for over a year and a half.
Mae Jasmine yn gwybod beth yn union mae hi eisiau ar y diwrnod mawr ond ydy hi'n gallu ymddiried yn ei mam Helen, ei llys fam Kate a'i chwaer India i drefnu'r cyfan?
Incidentally, Alden and Jasmine were initially paired in a movie that was supposed to be filmed three years ago.
Carpe Diem with Jasmine has gained international traction as a lifestyle brand for better living.
After around 2,000 actresses auditioned for the role of Jasmine in the live action remake of "Aladdin," Disney finally announced on Sunday at the D23 Expo that British-Indian actress Naomi Scott will be Aladdin's love interest, (http://www.
Jasmine names the tiny creature Truffle and hides him in her bedroom.
Entertainment reporters caught up with Jasmine Curtis-Smith-at a press conference for the commercial release of her movie, the Cinema One Originals 2016 entry 'Baka Bukas'-where the actress gamely talked about how excited she is for the next chapter of sister Anne's life.