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JASMSJournal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry
JASMSJose Abad Santos Memorial School (Philippine Women's University; Manila, Philippines)
JASMSJoint Applications Staff Management System (US Air National Guard)
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Five years later, returning to JASMS as a teacher with a degree in secondary education from the University of Santo Tomas, I became more appreciative of what this school stands for.
We will not support the attempts to take over two venerable institutions, PWU and JASMS.
But for the majority of the Benitez family who voted for the deal, this is a bitter pill to swallow to save the school and allow PWU and JASMS to move forward.
The JASMS Parents Association, on the other hand, said the students and their families were not consulted nor informed of any alternative plans before the deal was consummated.
JASMS will remain on the Quezon City campus until the end of school year 2017 after which it will be moved to a new location.
Under the terms of the agreement, JASMS will remain on the Quezon City campus along EDSA until the end of school year 2017 after which it will be moved to a new location.
and the large malls already operating opposite the campus, I suggest that the best use of the property would be one based on serious stakeholder consultations," Gillian Joyce Virata, officer in charge for administration at JASMS Quezon City, said in a letter sent to ALI chair Fernando Zobel de Ayala.
This is why as a member of the PWU and JASMS community, I find it disappointing that Tanco has dragged the issue down to the level of "contractual commitments" and bottom-line management.
STI executives diligently attended meetings during the three-year period that the PWU and JASMS campuses were being renovated.
This foreclosure issue merely highlights the concerns we had last year, concerns shared by the PWUJASMS community, that the notforprofit character of PWU and JASMS would be in conflict with STI," she said.
Prior to the latest foreclosure move against the JASMS property, STI took full control of AHC by buying out the shares of businessmanturnedpolitician Alfredo "Albee" Benitez, STI's sole ally among the Benitez family and was the one who convinced Tanco to invest in PWU in 2012.
After this petition to foreclose the JASMS property in Quezon City, it has also announced plans to foreclose on another PWU property in Davao.