JASOPJoint Air and Space Operations Plan
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The JFC normally designates a JFACC, who is responsible for exploiting air and space operations to support JFC theater campaign objectives and accomplishes this through the Joint Air and Space Operations Plan (JASOP)-- the aerospace part of the campaign that must effectively integrate air and space theater operations and forces.
AFDD 2 treats space as an extension of the air medium and states that the JFACC is responsible for air and space planning, employment, and exploitation through the JASOP in the JAOC.
(26.) There is a movement among the Air Force Doctrine Center (Maxwell AFB, Ala.) and Command and Control Training and Innovation Center ([C.sup.2]TIC) at Hurlburt Field, Fla., to rename the JFACC to joint force aerospace component commander, the JAOC to joint aerospace operations center, and the JASOP to joint aerospace operations plan.