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JASPJournal on Applied Signal Processing
JASPJournal of Applied Social Psychology
JASPJBoss Authorized Service Partner
JASPJoint Analytical Support Program
JASPJust Another Stupid Poll
JASPJoven Aunque Sobradamente Profesional
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Unlike JASP, which serves as a platform for esteemed religious scholars, Sunni Tehreek has been characterized as a grassroots "religious force" that has been organized to actively "defend the interests of the Barelvi school of thought.
As a JASP, NEC will have access to the JBoss Network(TM), a subscription-based support network that streamlines technical knowledge, software updates and application administration for all JBoss Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS(TM)) products.
With the help of its global JASP network, JBoss is expanding training sessions internationally.
In this quarter, the Company and its JASP partners conducted 45 on-site training courses, especially tailored to the needs of the organization.