JASPARJapan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture
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JASPAR is an organisation dedicated to advancing the standardisation of in-vehicle software and networks to enhance development efficiency and reliability.
JASPAR 2016: a major expansion and update of the open-access database of transcription factor binding profiles.
Noguchi, who led the delegation, told her that Jaspar was keen to study the paleoenvironment, archaeology and ethnoarchaeology of Sindh from early man to the Harappa Civilisation.
The sequence logos for the recognition sequences of the four TFs are from the JASPAR database [15].
According the information of TF-target interaction databases such as Transfac, Jaspar, and Encode in the Cytoscape software, a total of 83 TFs were identified from the PPI network, forming 5371 TF-gene pairs.
A total of 4 pieces of human MDM2 gene-binding candidate sequences were obtained after binding site prediction using the JASPAR database (Figure S1).
The IL-6 promoter region gene sequence was searched in the NCBI database, and the JASPAR database was used to predict the binding sites of the KLF7 and IL-6 promoter regions.
All the osteoporosis associated genes and SNPs (including linkage disequilibrium (LD) SNPs) sequence information were collected and aggregated from the national center for biological information (NCBI) database, and the effects of osteoporosis GWAS-associated lead SNPS and their linked SNPs to transcription factor (TF) binding affinity were studied through JASPAR database.
The TF-target gene interactions were collected from Transfac, Jaspar, Encode, Swissregulon, and Homer database.
Based on the JASPAR database for predicting transcription factor binding, we found that the G allele of rs3731795 might increase the binding of transcription factors, such as TCF3, TFAP2A, and TCF4, to the promoter of miR-10b, compared to the C allele (Table 4).
SeqPos scans all the motifs not only in Transfac, JASPAR, UniPROBE (pbm), hPDI database, but also tries to find de novo motifs using MDscan algorithm.
It depicts a world in which authors neglected today, like Peter Hausted, William Peaps and Jaspar Mayne, and seldom-studied plays like Gorboduc, were key, and in which play title and play authorship were often less important than the content of the extracted scrap.