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JATJugoslovenski Aerotransport (Yugoslav Airlines, ICAO code)
JATJust A Thought
JATJournal of Analytical Toxicology
JATJapan Association of Translators
JATJoint Admission Test (India)
JATJournal of Approximation Theory
JATJoint Analysis Team
JATJust Adore Them
JATJoint Action Team
JATJust Animal Type
JATJoint Acceptance Test
JATJabat, Marshall Islands - Jabat International (Airport Code)
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Last month, the Union Cabinet cleared an ordinance paving way for Jat reservation in government jobs which NCBC had objected to the recommendation, saying Jats are a forward community mostly of zamindars.
Earlier, Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said he was hoping for a successful deal with Etihad, adding that JAT Airways should be renamed Air Serbia.
The debt to the Gazprom Neft-owned oil and gas company will be repaid as of May when JAT expects a seasonal increase in cash flow, Ognjenovic said.
The reasons for choosing Jat and Bania for the study are explained in section 3.
Founded in 1994, JAT serves clients throughout the United States and is particularly well known in the Southeast.
The aim of this preliminary study is to begin a discussion around the JAT program in WA by exploring the distinctive benefits and pitfalls of the program.
According to Reuters, the Serbian government made the decision to change the minimum price as a result of increasing fuel prices and in order to encourage more competition for JAT Airways.
He narrates how uprisings broke out amongst peasants and zamindars (proprietary rent receivers) against Mughal taxation policy and how these uprisings eventually were transformed into an open challenge of the empire and the erosion of imperial control over the region that allowed Badan Singh to form his kingdom at Bharatpur and consolidate power amongst the Jat people.
The JAT was composed of members from the 834th Transportation Battalion, Naval Weapons Station, Calif.
Corporate finance partner Paul Thompson, director Jat Narjan and guest speaker Peter Smith, chairman and chief executive of the Nasmyth Group, gave insights at the event at the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull.
Milosevic's government signed a letter of intent in 1998 with the European aircraft maker and paid a $23m down payment towards the purchase of eight A319s by 2005 for Yugoslavia's national flag carrier, JAT.
CAT and JAT assist "human journalists" in performing vast publishing and news reporting tasks.