JATFJoint Apprenticeship and Training Fund (unions)
JATFJoint Amphibious Task Force
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That notion was evident in the 2011 New Zealand Defence Capability Plan, which was centered on the intention to develop a JATF. (36) It was expected that the JATF would be operational by 2015 and would be "able to conduct a wide range of tasks and meet the key requirements expected of it in the Southwest Pacific." (37) In 2013, the NZDF explicitly stated as follows:
By 2020, with the JATF at its core, the Defence Force will be capable of conducting amphibious military operations and responding to emergencies at home and abroad, and projecting and sustaining land or maritime forces with increased combat utility, either on its own or as part of a wider coalition.
Rather than spend the time and resources necessary to build up an organic and comprehensive program office with all the traditional disciplines, the JATF pulled in resources from across DoD, including all three Services and several contractors to form a network of Combat Acquisition Detachments (CADs).
As with the Dragon Spear JATF, SORDAC is taking advantage of the resources and expertise available across the Department and keeping the organic AC-130J program office lean.
JATF structure will facilitate potential future deployments in the
Once JATF has created a contemporary description of the work of fundraisers, they finalize the practice description into: 6 Practice Domains; 32 Performance Tasks; and, 108 Knowledge statements.
In the area of biometrics, the JATF is seeking technologies to "collect, analyse and distribute various physical parameters that can be used to identify personnel," official documents revealed.
With regards to SIGINT, the TALOS JATF is seeking a system to intercept and pinpoint Radio Frequency (RF) com munications across land, sea and air environments.
Industry will be given until 31 December 2016 to supply the JATF with White Papers on the relative subject areas.
A key difference between the JATF construct and other acquisition organizations is that layers of command structure have been removed and the JATF commander has direct contact with the CADs.
The JATF remains as the key leadership cell, and the CADs expand and contract as needed to help the JATF fulfill the mission at hand.