JATMJoint Anti-Terrorism Mechanism (India and Pakistan)
JATMJewish Awareness Through Music
JATMJournal of Air Transport Management
JATMJournal of Aerospace Technology and Management (Institute of Aeronautics and Space; Brazil)
JATMJoint Anti-Tactical Missile
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The second JATM meeting was held on October 22, 2007.
Mishra Memorial Lecture on ' India- Pakistan Relations: Bridging the Gap' here on Saturday, organised by Observer Research Foundation, Durrani admitted that the JATM had so far failed to achieve much and stressed the need for its expansion to include senior representatives of security and intelligence agencies.
Promoting the health benefits of a 'Palaeolithic'diet is today a powerful movement in natural medicine and will already be familiar territory to many readers of JATMS. What they will find in this book is an eloquent and meticulously researched historical and anthropological context for the Palaeolithic movement (or more accurately Palaeolithic and Mesolithic), arguing cogently for our ancestral plant- and protein- based diet and the active lifestyle that went with it, both of which contemporary urban living conspires to militate against.
It is not a difficult mistake to make, and had I not journeyed from naturopath in private practice to health systems researcher (see JATMS 2017, 23(3): 146-149), then I too might have misinterpreted WHO'S support.
Part 1 dealt with table height (see JATMS 22(2): 69-73), Part 2 dealt with table width (see JATMS 22(3):132-135) and Part 3 deals with table length, cushioning, and a feature known as 'flexion break'.
This article is Part 2 of a series of three articles on table mechanics: Part 1 dealt with table height (see JATMS 22(2): 69-73).
* ATMS President Invitation to China: JATMS 2005, (11)4: 191.
* ATMS/China Practitioner Exchange Programme: JATMS 2007, 13(3): 169.
In the last two articles we explored Evacuation Plans and Reporting Workplace Incidents (see JATMS 2016 22(1): 36-38; JATMS 2016 22(2): 100-101), both of which are duties of a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) in every workplace.
Parts 2 and 3 will be published in the September and December issues of JATMS.
Following from previous JATMS papers (1,2) this article describes complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use among low-income consumers in a rural community in Victoria, Australia.
In a previous issue of JATMS we reviewed Ms Johnson's excellent book on postural assessment.