JAUBJust Another Unrepentant Bitch (blog)
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Holub studies an introduction to JauB by Paul de Man and a half-dozen book reviews of Iser, largely in Diacritics, including treatments by such major figures as Fish and Samuel Weber.
Achariaceae Achariaceae usually have capsular or berry-like fruits but Carpotroche and Grandidiera Jaub. have fin-winged fruits.
3 Cratagus azarolus 4 Acer cinerascens 5 Lonicera nummularifolia Jaub & spach.
(Sakamoto, 1972), Eremopyrum (Ledeb.) Jaub. & Spach (Sakamoto, 1991; Frederiksen & Bothmer, 1995), Taeniatherum Nevski (Frederiksen & Bothmer, 1986; Frederiksen, 1994), Heteranthelium Hochst.
SH Cousinia crispa Jaub. & Spach H Lactuca orientalis Boissier H Echinops ritro Bunge.
Another distant genus, Amblyopyrum muticum (Jaub. & Spach) Eig (synonym: Ae.
Argyrolobium uniflorum (Decne.) Jaub. & Spach Arnebia tetrastigma Forssk.
Proof that when you need a good dose of hearty comedy, it's not always where you'd expect to find it JAUBS US hospital comedy Scrubs follows the lives of newlyqualified doctor JD and his pals Turk and Elliott as they start work at Sacred Heart Hospital.