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JAVACJava Compiler
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Note: Cocos2d-console uses the javac command to build for Android, because of this is necessary add JAVA_HOME environment variable (JDK path).
Confirmed exhibitors include well-known companies such as AFR Refrigeration, A-Gas, AHT, Broughton, Charles Austen Pumps, Comptee, CPS Products, GEA Searle, Dean & Wood, Dupont, Harp International / Mexichem, Honeywell, Gram, JAVAC, Jumo, Lordan, Mastercool, Maxkold, Primalec, Teknic Refrigeration, UR Refrigeration Wholesale,
By the end of 2006 Sun will release the JavaC compiler and the Hotspot virtual machine, two key technology elements to run programs written in the Java programming language.
Instead of compiling code for a specific target processor, however, the Java Programming Language Compiler (Javac) creates an intermediate byte code.
Javac UK, Middlesbrough: This maker and distributor of refrigeration and air conditioning service tools has established a customer base in France, Denmark, Switzerland, Iraq, via the UN, the Republic of Ireland and USA.
EXPORT, sponsored by UK Trade and Investment: Atomic Planet Entertainment, Middlesbrough; Ecco Finishing Supplies, Middlesbrough; and Javac UK, Middlesbrough.
If the Java source code is used as an input, it invokes the AIX JDK's Java source-to-bytecode compiler (javac) to produce the bytecodes.
Although the Java bytecode instruction set was designed with embedded systems in mind, it is evident that standard Java class files produced by compilers such as Sun's javac compiler are not intended for use on such systems: debugging information and names of internal (private) identifiers are, for example, included by default.
Unlike rival javac, which Sun ships with its Java Development Kit (JDK), Jikes adheres very strictly to the Java language specification.
Used in conjunction with an electronic detector, such as Javac's GAS-Mate[R], it enables engineers to identity and locate much smaller leaks than is possible with Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN) and a leak detection spray.