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JAVAOSJava Operating System
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Sun, meanwhile, will be replacing the JavaOS for NCs in its JavaStation with the new software during the coming year.
JavaOS for Business looked a shaky proposition from the start given that the rise of cheap PCs threatened the very premise of the NCs it was designed for.
It says that using Sun's JavaOS and other Java-based operating systems, users must switch between applications, which can't be run at the same time.
JBC Engine doesn't use Sun's source code, nor has Tao licensed JavaOS for instance, but chairman Francis Charig says many of the deals it is now closing wouldn't have been possible had it not taken a community source license.
Peter Palm, group marketing manager for Sun Microelectronics says that a "powerful environment for this [chip] will be the JavaOS with Jini layers running on it." Sun claims that the chip will be backwards compatible with the rest of the UltraSparc family.
The phone book sized device that includes a keyboard and a screen runs Sun Microsystems Inc's JavaOS for Consumers operating system and enables users to send and receive email as well as use the web.
Sun Microsystems Inc has a new cut of its JavaOS for Consumers product fitted with the ChorusOS 3.2 kernel.
It is also implemented on top of the Chorus embedded kernel with other class libraries as JavaOS for Consumers.
As part of the January 25 roll-out Sun will also describe how it will embed its Jini networked Java solution in PersonalJava and the Chorus-based JavaOS embedded kernel.
Karen Peck, director of marketing for Alcatel said the two companies had worked together to develop a customized implementation of a full suite of Java technologies based on Sun's JavaOS for Consumers.