JAXPJava API for XML Processing (Sun Microsystems)
JAXPJava API for XML Parsing
JAXPJava Api for Xml Processing
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The JSR (Java Specification Request) 173 (13) defines Streaming API for XML (StAX (14)), that allow parsing elements in streaming mode, and the extraction of information through events controlled by the application (pull model), differing from SAX API of JAXP package, that has a manager that takes events as convenience of the parser (push model).
For example, for DOM API we can set deferred node expansion option (used by default in JAXP DOM implementation) that enables lazy loading, and full node expansion.
If an XML course adopts a JAXP parser that is developed by DOM then the XML course adopts DOM method to extract data.
In the URI layer, there are a number of learning objects, including XML Advance, XHTML Introduction, JAXP for XML, Java DOM, etc.
These chapters tell you how to use Java to write applications that process XML using the SAX, DOM, JDOM, and JAXP APIs (application programming interfaces).
It uses JAXP (Java API for XML Processing), which is in general used to parse and transform XML documents.
Transaction logging is now done by building and writing DOM objects using the JAXP XML functionality in Java 5.
Borland Enterprise Server also includes a complete SOAP environment, XML (Extensible Markup Language) tool kit, XML parser for Java, and support for JAXP.
0 also previews recently standardized Java technology-based components, including Java(TM) Connector Architecture, Message Driven Beans and JAXP, as supported in J2EE v.