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JAYSJaycees Against Youth Smoking (Peoria, IL)
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The Swedish headphone developer JAYS is now launching an expanded and updated line of its top seller a-JAYS Four, called a-JAYS Four+ in India, in a variety of metal finishing and available for iOS, Windows and Android.
Unusual predatory activities of Mexican jays and brown-headed cowbirds under conditions of deep snow in southeastern Arizona.
LITTLE Hoops hero Jay Beatty has been invited to Greece to pick up a top sports award.
Needing more firepower in their pitching rotation, the Jays are making aggressive moves to get one of the remaining solid pitchers on the free agency market.
Unlike their relatives, jays are distinctly colourful.
According to scientists, the jays then often fly down to the dead body and gather around it, the BBC reported.
The question of what ails the Blue Jays franchise has been much chronicled and debated.
Existing Jays earphone consumers can purchase an iPhone adapter separately from http://www.jays.se priced at GBP9.99
Scrub jays have a "very chimplike" social hierarchy, says Clayton.
Researchers from Cambridge University wondered just how crafty the jays are.
With their probe-like bill, the jays plant the pinon seeds in the soft ground under the canopy of other trees, to be stored for later consumption.