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JAZJoint Air-Defense Zone
JAZJournalists Association of Zanzibar (Zanzibar, Tanzania)
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Jaz said women who have come from abroad and got married are least likely to seek help for domestic violence.
The Jaz(R) FireWire(R) adapter makes the Jaz drive hot-swappable, allowing users to connect and use the drive without turning off and rebooting their computer.
Jaz Marie represented California, and Coco Lynn represented the United Kingdom.
One engineer was migrating from Jaz disks to Castlewood's 2.
shipments of its Jaz 2-gigabyte drives and 2-gigabyte disks.
Singing teacher Jaz said: "I wrote a song that I sang at Fabian's funeral.
Jaz Hotels & Resorts is also set to unveil a new golf course at the Jaz Little Venice Golf Resort, later this month.
The tech-savvy consumers who use Iomega Jaz disks are an ideal audience for value-added content like the 'The Prime Gig' trailer," said Bruce Albertson, president and chief executive officer, Iomega Corporation.
Their new Jaz box is a single-piece injection moulding made from structural foam HDP material and offers the durability associated with Dolav pallet boxes that are also available from Linpac.
Except for packaging considerations, the Jaz seems to have been worth the wait.
Adtron's SCSI PC Card drives operate just like Jaz drives with the added benefit of a wide selection of PC Card manufacturers, capacities, performance and prices.
has Joelle Mose 6-1, Jessica Hammond 10/1, Jaz Ellington, Max Milner, Becky Hill 12/1, Vince Kidd 14/1, J Marie Cooper, David Julien 16/1, Bo Brice, David Faulkner, Adam Isaac 20/1, Indie & Pixie, Vince Freeman 25/1, Aleks Josh, Toni Warne 28/1, Ben Kelly, Deniece Pearson, Heshima Thompson, Cassius Henry, Bill Downs 33/1, Bar Rupert Adams 40/1 SOURCE: WILLIAM HILL has get marriage