JAZBJoint Airport Zoning Board
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After this, in 1842, Sir Syed wrote a brief biography of the Holy Prophet titled Jazb al-qulub fi dhikr al-mahbub.6 This was based on the Mudarij al-nubuwwah of Shaykh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Delhvi.
They believed the Qalandari schools of thought perform different spiritual and religious exercises where the required ecstasy and energy is gained from dancing the mystical dance of dhamal, and they are; trust in God (tawakul), piety (zuhd), contentment (qannaat), meditation (muraqba), sincerity (ikhlaas), devotion, love (ishq), seeking nearness to God (qurb e ellahi), highest pinnacle of absorption in the love of God (fana-fillah), state of divine ecstasy (Jazb), and deep contemplation (Sukr).
Close relations are understood to assist in spiritual advancement; isolation is dangerous, and may lead to madness (jazb).