JBAIDSJoint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System
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The JBAIDS Operator Course is a ten-day course taught at the Army Medical Department Center & School, Health Readiness Center of Excellence (AMEDDC&S HRCoE), Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston, TX.
The extracted DNA/RNA is combined with the lyophilized JBAIDS reagents, the instrument is programmed and at the completion of the run, the results are analyzed.
The JBAIDS replacement is known as the Next Generation Diagnostic System Increment 1 (NGDS-1).
At the same time, JBAIDS training will still be occurring.
Alfonso Clemmings, MS, MT(AMT/ASCP), JBAIDS Instructor, AMEDDC&S HRCoE, JBSA Fort Sam Houston.
Initial Diagnostic Capabilities Using the JBAIDS and ABI 7500 Systems as of October 20, 2011.
Prior to JBAIDS, it took the military two to four days back in a microbiology laboratory to accurately identify the presence of a biological warfare agent.
Idaho Technology, Inc., from Salt Lake City, Utah, stepped forward with JBAIDS, the latest in biological warfare technology.
JBAIDS' sensitivity, or ability to accurately identify specimens containing an agent, is averaging at least 85 percent per test, and its specificity, or accuracy in pinpointing the percentage of specimens without an agent, has averaged at least 90 percent.
"Everyone in the scientific community is excited because JBAIDS allows detection of a very minute level, and commanders are excited because the troops will be better protected," said Whitlock.
JBAIDS' size enables the device to travel with service-members into war, eliminating the need to send samples to a laboratory stateside, which delays diagnosis and treatment of affected people.
"JBAIDS has been through a long series of developmental tests," Boston said.