JBDAJoint Battle Damage Assessment
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JBDA developed enhancements targeted at the following deficiencies:
During UFL '02, JBDA data collectors noted extensive delays in exchanging BDA-related products between USFK and its off-peninsula BDA federated partners.
During UFL '02, JBDA observed that intelligence analysts relied almost exclusively on imagery intelligence (IMINT) to assess BDA, even though the exercise simulation systems supporting UFL were capable of generating reports from over 50 non-IMINT collection assets.
During UFL '02, JBDA noted that mission reports were not flowing properly from the Air Simulation Cell to the Air Component Command (ACC) BDA Cell targeting database.
In an attempt to resolve this situation, the JBDA staff worked with USMTF users, simulation center contractors, and USMTF program office personnel to ensure that USMTF 2000 messages were generated and validation software was installed on all [C.sup.4]I and simulation systems.
JBDA found that mission reporting and processing was not only an exercise simulation problem, but that it also was, and still is, a real-world problem.
JBDA developed several enhancements to improve this issue.
Early on in its program, JBDA was a proponent for identifying and training designated Reserve units to augment theater BDA cells in time of crisis or during major exercises.
JBDA noted during UFL '02 that inexperienced augmentees arrived in theater without a full understanding of theater BDA processes or their own responsibilities within the cells.